GreenWake Technologies RF energy harvesting technology provides high efficiency solutions for wireless powering of energy autonomous sensors

wireless power capability for hard-to-reach sensors

GreenWake Technologies technology remotely powers devices and offers a wide range of potential applications in hard-to-reach or hazardous places. Our technology enables entirely new applications to be used and reduces the operating costs of existing applications, whilst enhancing monitoring capabilities and performance.

Structural monitoring

Wirelessly powered instrumentation of dams, bridges and motorways reduces capex and opex. Close monitoring of the physical parameters at remote locations helps to evaluate the aging processes, track environmental conditions, schedule maintenance and anticipate repair needs

Rotating machinery

Rotating machinery in harsh environments may create tough conditions for the monitoring of key functional parameters. Microwave powered sensors don’t need wiring and therefore remove a key issue in terms of reliability and accessibility.

Industrial sites

Large industrial sites require monitoring of ambient parameters in remote locations. Wireless sensors enable fast deployment of sensors wherever they are needed. Data harvesting can be performed automatically by remote data retrieval from multiple sensors or by adhoc reading.

Contaminated environments

In contaminated areas, physical access, battery replacements and electrical connections may create serious safety and waste issues. Wireless powering and data retrieval offers an efficient means of guaranteeing monitoring whilst avoiding contamination exposure and spreading.


Lack of electrical power, high maintenance costs and limited physical access impede the deployment of efficient monitoring grids in many industries. Wireless power transmission and data retrieval offer new solutions and opportunities.