GreenWake Technologies RF energy harvesting technology provides high efficiency solutions for wireless powering of energy autonomous sensors

Proprietary microwave power transmission technology

GreenWake Technologies provides complete systems, including wireless power transmission and bidirectional communications. The standardized components are designed to interface with a number of input and output signals. All devices come with a built-in web server for plug & play integration and easy data retrieval.

Zero power consumption

The remote sensor unit remains unpowered until the incoming carrier wave activates the charging of the capacitor banks. Once the system is powered-up, it enters communications mode. In specific applications, when combined with battery-powered sensors, the system can avoid the power consumption of the stand-by mode in the embedded radio-communications module.

Analogue and digital inputs

The sensor and transceiver units are designed to handle various analogue and digital data inputs and outputs. The sensor unit comprises two analogue, as well as two digital (SPI and I2C) input channels. The sensor signal is reproduced at the data transceiver output (relay operation) and can be retrieved as a digital (CSV file) or as an analogue output.

Continuous data transfer

Continuous communications with the sensor unit are available at distances of up to several meters. In pulsed (discontinuous) communication mode, the transmission range can be extended up to a few tens of meters. Specific antennas are available to optimize performance.

Enhanced sensor density

GreenWake Technologies systems don’t need routine maintenance and data retrieval is swift. Larger grids of sensors can therefore be deployed for lower operating costs.

Increased service life

Once installed, the sealed sensor units don’t need maintenance. They can thus be installed close to the signal source or wherever suitable and appropriate. The systems are designed for many years of reliable, intervention-free service.

Industry compatibility

GreenWake Technologies systems are easy to install and operate. They offer plug & play operation without the need for specific drivers. All transceivers come with a complete, built-in web server interface, running HTML5 and with an Ethernet interface. They can thus be easily integrated into existing data management systems.

Tailor-made solutions

Our standardized systems are ready to connect to many standard industrial micro-sensors. For specific developments and licensing of our power transmission and harvesting technology, please get in touch with us.