GreenWake Technologies RF energy harvesting technology provides high efficiency solutions for wireless powering of energy autonomous sensors

controlling remote sensors without an embedded power source

The need for monitoring equipment and installations is constantly increasing. In many cases, however, the site to be monitored has limited physical access or no electrical power supply. In addition, sometimes the sheer number of devices to be serviced can create an issue. Remote powering and reading of the sensor device is therefore the solution of choice. It expands the sensor’s working lifespan and drastically reduces maintenance costs. Replacing embedded power sources by wireless energy transmission facilitates installation and opens up new fields of application.


With GreenWake Technologies remote RF powering technology you can install sensors wherever you actually need them, regardless of constraints such as power supply and physical access. Powering the sensor and reading data works at distances of up to 100 metres. By using drones, the operating range can be extended virtually without limit, opening up completely new applications and business opportunities for you.


GreenWake Technologies remote powering solutions are tried and tested. The compact systems are maintenance-free and offer unprecedented lifespan. The number of mechanical and electrical parts is reduced to a bare minimum, thus decreasing the risks of breakdowns and failures. The systems don’t consume energy while sleeping and need no batteries.


GreenWake Technologies proprietary technology is designed to cut costs. Once installed, physical access to the system is no longer needed. The devices are powered, and data is read, remotely. There is no need for battery replacement, repair or maintenance, either. Your operating expenditure is dramatically lowered.


GreenWake Technologies solution has a very low ecological impact comparing to battery based or wired solutions (less rare metals, less copper lines).

How it works ?